The warmest season of the year is just one step away from us, so I thought I would share with you my 4 sweet summer items for the upcoming holiday, delightfully designed with my 3 favourite pastel colours–pinkblue and green!

Currently I was invited to be a part of this sweet summer concept by TheblueTshirt and we had spent quite a wonderful morning lying on the grass and enjoying the sunshine in cheerful laughter. What is summer without the sun and the joy and the radiant smiles on our faces anyway! Unless you wanna add the beautiful beaches too, but we’ll come to that later.

Now, let’s get a head start for a peachy summer this year!


One of my favourite items–the one must-have item in my dear closet–is a trapeze dress! Yes, either with sleeves or sleeveless, they are just so classic! On my lazy days, I’d like to slip into one of these dresses; it’s comfy, it’s fast, it’s convenient and nonetheless it gives you a lovely chic look!


Or perhaps a t-shirt and a pair of shorts wouldn’t be a bad idea! I choose pink squared top with denim shorts for an active day out! Do you know what goes best with pastel pink? It’s definitely pastel blue for me!


This little accessory can give a huge different to your look, trust me! There are so many ways that you can play around with your turbans and get creative for a significant fashionable look. It’s fun, it’s artistic and it’s pretty! You wouldn’t wanna miss it out for your summer. See this video for different ways to style your turbans.



I like the name ‘scrunchy’ and I just don’t know why. It sounds so adorable, don’t you think? (Scrunchy~ scrunchy~)

Scrunchies are probably one of the hair items that any girl should own. No kidding! It’s a cute decoration to your hair, makes your ponytail or your hair bun so much prettier, and in such temperate season you wouldn’t wanna leave your hair down most of the time because the weather is just SO HOT. The city that I am living in–Saigon–is heaty throughout the year, especially during summer, so a scrunchy is obviously a life-saviour. Not only it helps you feel good, it makes you look more attractive too!


Outfits by TheblueTshirt

Photography by Dy Duyen

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Hey can you make a tut vid of ur everyday look?


Yes darling! Thank you for your feedback! xx


never ever seen a pretty vietnam girl like you
keep going , your pics are awesome

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