I’ve been pursuing the boho style for awhile now and I think it’s about time I start blogging about it. I’ve fallen into an absolute love with these bohemian prints, the layering and overtly feminine fabrics… and the heavy use of silver and gold accessories completely sold me! It is anything but a minimalistic trend. Imagine a world full of boho spirit! Oh, and did I ever mention that I’m a Scorpio? (Hello to all the Scorpio fellows out there!) Boho style fits perfectly well with Scorpio’s characteristics — we’re on the dark side most of the times with all the voodoos and black magic and everything gloomy (no, I kid). Basically Scorpios are mysterious individuals and this style is exactly it! However, that doesn’t mean it’s dedicated to Scorpios only… This charming, bizarre and yet sophisticated look is meant for the more well-off in society who appreciate a perplexing aspect of fashion — something that makes us really stand out from the rest! Perhaps all we want is an odd change once in awhile, and here it is.


Outfits and accessories by Soul

Photography by Jay Zhang

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