So, recently I’ve had another chance to work with Coco Sin since my previous blog on their outfits, but this time we worked on their new bag design called ‘Leisa’ instead. The first time I heard about this bag I immediately thought of the word ‘leisure’ — inactivity, downtime, relaxation. And perhaps that’s exactly what it means! This bag is simple in design, comes in 3 immensely versatile colours: gray, oxford blue, and brown-orange colour block. I can definitely imagine myself wearing one of these bags on my lazy days, when I don’t have to think much about what I’m gonna wear and what I’m gonna wear it with. I’m just gonna pull off a minimal outfit and throw on my Leisa bag, and boy I’m ready enough for the day! On second thought, though, this bag can also work with other more complex outfits too, since the colours fit with pretty much everything — I won’t have to worry about which bag would go with what I’m wearing (same old #girlsproblem)… and that’s why it’s called Leisa Bag! Not to mention the fact that this bag is chic and fashionable, what’s not to love?

For the record, I’ve been thinking about making a blog on beauty (since I’ve kinda blogged a lot about fashion already) of the late, so if you have anything that you want me to blog about, regarding beauty — things like beauty products or skincare or daily routine, whatev… Leave a comment in the comment box below and let me know!

Have an awesome weekend girls!!!


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Stunning!! Nice concept and gorgeous you are!

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