So I went to Con Dao for the very first time to celebrate my birthday. It may sound odd to celebrate anything here because this island is known for its spiritual and cultural heritage — most people just come here to pray. But there’s this five-star luxury beach resort called Six Senses located in the marine park next to the beautiful blue sea that I just couldn’t help giving it a try, and it was honestly worth every single minute! If you’re seeking for a quiet and calm getaway, this place is what I’d suggest.

I had the whole afternoon bathing in this breathtaking view and it was heaven.

I came in like a wrecking ball! Haha!

They had this mini shop that served free ice-cream!!! It was definitely a brilliant idea!

My villa’s private swimming pool that overlooked the sea and other islands!

The food there was great, I’d give it a 3.5/5.

Good morning, Con Dao!

Who doesn’t love this breakfast by the beach view?!

Another thing I loved about the place was these bicycles that each villa owned. Bicycling around the resort was so exciting!

Besides serving free ice-cream, this shop served free biscuits too! I did, matter of fact, ate them all day!

It was rather a cloudy day, but here came the sun!

Nothing could ever describe the affair that I always have with the beach.

Chillin’ by the pool, drinkin’ young coconut and starin’ at the deep blue sea…

And then it was time to go home. My birthday trip successfully nailed it and was more than anything I could ask for. Until next time, Con Dao!


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Hi e, cho chi hoi, cac bo jumpsuit e mac, mua o dau vay e, thanks e


Hello chị! Jumpsuits của em là mua của F21 chị nha!

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