Xin chào các tình yêu xinh đẹp của Lindsie ♡ Trong blog ngày hôm nay, Lindsie muốn giới thiệu với mọi người một kiểu đầm mà Lindsie rất thích mặc, đó chính là đầm suông. Có lẽ mọi người cũng không còn lạ lẫm với kiểu đầm này đúng không nè? Đây chắc chắn là một … Continue Reading

  So, recently I’ve had another chance to work with Coco Sin since my previous blog on their outfits, but this time we worked on their new bag design called ‘Leisa’ instead. The first time I heard about this bag I immediately thought of the word ‘leisure’ — inactivity, downtime, relaxation. And perhaps that’s exactly … Continue Reading

I’ve been pursuing the boho style for awhile now and I think it’s about time I start blogging about it. I’ve fallen into an absolute love with these bohemian prints, the layering and overtly feminine fabrics… and the heavy use of silver and gold accessories completely sold me! It is anything but a minimalistic trend. … Continue Reading

Ding ding … Hello again, tomodachi (which means ‘friends’ in Japanese)! You should now be wondering why I’m using so many Jap words today, which leads to the topic that I wanna blog about — kogyaru! Many of you may already know this word, but let me just take a few seconds to explain it … Continue Reading

My greetings to the hot and humid summertime as summer has already started! Recently I got to work with Coco Sin for their new summer collection and from this editorial you can see that I’ve been very much into mixing and matching light pieces. They are so versatile and favourable that anywhere I go, whatever I … Continue Reading

The warmest season of the year is just one step away from us, so I thought I would share with you my 4 sweet summer items for the upcoming holiday, delightfully designed with my 3 favourite pastel colours–pink, blue and green! Currently I was invited to be a part of this sweet summer concept by TheblueTshirt and we had spent … Continue Reading